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auto-moto renting
Under this Condition you can rent a car-bike from ANEMOS

Driving license: a valid driving license held at least for one year from the contrey of residence or an international driving license is required

Traffic fines: all traffic fines resulting from the violation of the Greek traffic law are for the renter’s account

Deposit: A cache deposit estimated on rental with a minimum of 1 day. For reservation per phone you send A minimum of 50€ or more to our bank account

Insurance: all vehicles at Anemos car rental are insured with a 3d party insurance. We offer also a full damage insurance for 5€ more /day..It means, that the renter pays the first 500€(car) and 15o€(bike) of the damage which caused to the rental vehicle and the rest money of the damage the full insurance cover, as well as damages on the other vehicle.
The driver, however, is responsible for collision damage to the rented vehicle from Anemos car rental up to its value. Damages to tires, windshield, mirrors, windows and underneath the vehicle is not covered by the insurance cover.

Taxes: all rates are subject to 18% VAT

Gasoline: the consumption is payable by the renter unleaded type fuel is to be used for vehicles from Anemos car rental.

Delivery: from our office

Collection: to our office

Equipment: baby/child seat

Ferrying the car: an advanced written authorization from Anemos car rental

Rates and conditions may change without notice

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